Fusion Plasma Research Utilizing Mirror Plasma


Plasma Research Center, based on the results obtained so far, vigorously promotes the following research subjects in order to develop the fusion plasma research by utilizing the advantage of the mirror plasma.


1. Improvement of plasma confinement and controlling the plasma potential and/or the electric field.

Based on the previous research on the improvement of plasma confinement by electrostatic potentials produced in the plasma, we make intensive progress of the research on plasma transport and it control in the boundary plasma in addition to the core plasma. Further research on the improvement of plasma confinement by suppressing fluctuation due to the potential control using ECH and end plates is conducted in order to contribute to the establishment of active plasma control by use of MW-level gyrotrons to be developed in collaborate with NIFS together with the high-power plasma heating devices.


2. Boundary plasma research utilizing electrostatic potential and open magnetic field configuration 

In the new research plan, we broaden the direction of the research in order to enhance the elemental study reduced to ITER project by use of a new device In this research plan, we develop the new divertor containing a separatrix configuration based on a novel idea (A-Div.) and a high-heat flux divertor simulator by use of open-ended device (E-Div.). By using the above devices, we approach the following research subjects of urgency for the ITER project.

(a) Plasma-PFC interaction and control of the high-heat flux (surface physics under ELM-like transient and steady-state conditions).

(b) Steady-state sustainment of detached plasmas and its physical mechanism (atomic-molecular processes in the divertor plasma, etc.).

(c) Control of impurity transport in divertor region.