Power Supply and Control System


 Motor-Generator Set












  A 800 MJ motor-generator set of the vertical flywheel type, which delivers 250 MVA, 4 s flat-top power to the GAMMA 10 system.


Control Room








Operation and control of GAMMA 10 is done from the Control Room that is connected to the GAMMA 10 main body with optical fibers. The Control Room monitors and adjusts operative condition or processes a series of plasma diagnostic data.


Data Acquisition Room









In most of the diagnostics, measured data are analog-to-digital converted by distributed ADC’s (CAMAC). Acquired data are then transferred in the data servers. Since all locations of the data files are indexed in order by the data-name and the shot-number, users do not need to specify them explicitly.


Helium Cryopumping System









A large-scale cryopumping system using low temperature (3.5 K) liquid helium (LHe) is installed in the axisymmetrized tandem mirror GAMMA 10 in order to obtain a clean vacuum condition with a larger pumping speed. Four cryopumps are installed in the end-mirror tanks and in the NBI tanks of the anchor regions on both sides. By using this pumping system, the base pressure in the end-mirror region has reached below 1 × 10−8 torr and improved thermal-barrier experiments are successfully carried out.