Greeting, Purpose and Organization


Greeting of the Director,

Purpose and Organization of the Plasma Research Center


1. Greeting

This center was established in 1979 and the world largest tandem mirror machine GAMMA 10 (27 m long) was constructed. At that time, it was and also now is the unique and world famous fusion device.

From the beginning of the establishment, we have been dedicating our self to world frontier research of Plasma Fusion Energy which is the ultimate energy for human being, and development of young scientists via it. At present, we are challenging the two items, “Plasma transport control research” and “Boundary plasma control research by the divertor plasma simulator”, making use of advantage in open-magnetic field configuration, under the basic theme aiming at harmonized co-existence of the high temperature core plasma (tens keV) and room temperature wall. We also participate in the Bilateral Collaboration Research, coordinated by National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) of National Institutes of Natural Science. This Bilateral Collaboration Research system makes our center to be, effectively, a joint center open to nationwide universities. Now, we all the staff and students together with the nationwide collaborators, sincerely, make efforts to the research and education and hope your continuing supports and encouragements. Ones who are interested in CO2-free future ultimate energy are welcome to this website. Further, we hope you come to University of Tsukuba and join us to study Plasma Fusion Science.


2. Purpose and Basic Policy

Based on the first achievement of the confinement improvement via plasma electric potential, we are challenging the research on Fusion Plasma Energy, “the Energy of the Sun”, aiming for future use.

Our mission is the original contribution to the plasma and fusion research through the mirror advantages of 1) the end loss particle control, 2) electric potential/field control, and their applications. Especially, to clarify the mechanism of the effects of the electric potential and field on the core and boundary plasma transport. At the same time our center aims at educating approximately 50 students per year and dedicating it to nationwide joint research.


3. Organization

Our center is directly under the University and authorized as the nationwide joint use and joint research center by the president of the University. The teaching and researching staff are composed of the members from the Physics department and the Electronic Physics Engineering department in the Graduate school of Pure and applied Sciences.

There are two steering committees. One is the Plasma Research Center Steering Conference which includes members of the outside of Tsukuba university and gives the over-looking opinion. The other is the Plasma Research Center Steering Committee which consists of the faculty members on campus (majority is outside of the Center) for quick decision of the major operation. Daily decisions are done by the PRC Experimental Meeting composed of the research group leaders. Our center participates in the Bilateral Collaboration Research which is coordinated by NIFS. This system makes our center effective nationwide collaborative center.